While I perform most of my inspections for potential buyers, I also provide inspections for sellers and homeowners.

Buyer's Inspection

My inspection process generally takes between 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 hours depending on the size and complexity of the home.

I encourage the buyer to attend the inspection so that I may discuss any issues, maintenance recommendations or grading concerns. It also presents an opportunity to explain the operation of the components and systems in the home. While it is generally more comfortable for all involved if the homeowner is not present, I have no issue if the owner chooses to remain home during the inspection. Note that the report is your property and I do not discuss my findings with anyone else without your permission. However, should I discover an issue that may pose a life safety concern for the current homeowner, I will notify them.

Overall, my goal is to complete a fair and accurate report on the condition of the home. It is not my intention to “nit-pick”.  Although I will be using non-destructive tools, such as moisture and electrical testers, the inspection is essentially visual. I will be operating doors, windows, removing accessible panel covers and testing the mechanical systems of the home. Any appliances being sold with the home will also be examined and tested when applicable.

I begin the inspection at the exterior, checking the building envelope including siding, windows, doors and roof coverings. The roof is mounted as long as it can be safely accessed and weather permits. I will also be looking at the grading around the home, walks, decks and visible areas of the foundation. If there is a garage, it will be inspected at this time.

Inside, I prefer to start at the upper level and work my way down. My reasoning is that any potential plumbing and structural issues are easier to interpret as I approach the lower level.
The attic is viewed from the access hatch to verify proper ventilation and insulation. The structure is inspected for signs of mould and possible water intrusion, as well as to ensure that it is sound.

Finally, the basement / crawlspace is checked for condition of structure, insulation, ventilation and any signs of water intrusion or dampness.

On site, I will take you for a “walk-through” to discuss any deficiencies and give advice on possible solutions. I will also be showing you the location of shut offs for water, electrical and gas systems.

A comprehensive report including photos is then e-mailed to you. Your web based report also allows you access to a vast library of information including detailed drawings and explanations of the homes systems.

Pre-List Inspection

A pre-list inspection can be an advantageous tool when selling your home.

It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the condition of your home which will assist you and your agent. Any concerns with the home will be brought to light which then can be addressed by you prior to listing or simply disclosed to a potential buyer.

A pre-list inspection simplifies the selling process as there are no surprises after all the viewings, signings and commitments are in place.

The inspection process is the same as performed for a buyer and will include a detailed, unbiased assessment that both you and the purchaser can rely on.

New Home "1st Year" Warranty Inspection

As an owner of a new home, you may have noticed some cracks and popped fasteners in the drywall. This is not uncommon to see over the first few years, as the house settles and wood framing dries.  This is the reason why registered builders expect you to provide them with a list outlining any deficiencies within that first year (your new home warranty period).

However, are you aware of which issues are considered acceptable and which may indicate more serious issues?

Even though your home has undergone a series of municipal inspections during construction, it has been my experience that some elements of the home may be incomplete in areas that may not be readily apparent to you.

A full home inspection can protect your home investment.

Maintenance Inspection

This is a partial inspection, intended to provide homeowners with insight as to how the exterior of the home is performing.

Not everyone has the understanding of what to look for on the exterior of the home, or the ability to get to all of the areas. With a maintenance inspection, I focus on the exterior envelope of the home and assess grading, slope, vegetation which may adversely affect the home and watch for signs of animal intrusion.

No home is maintenance free! Extreme temperature swings through the seasons, rain, snow, ice and the power of the sun put your home under constant attack. Over the years these elements breakdown the very components that protect the home from water intrusion. Caulking around windows, doors and flashing, painted or stained wood, asphalt shingles all require ongoing maintenance / monitoring.

During my inspection, I will note all concerns I see and take pictures of these areas. Upon completion of my inspection, I will provide you with a report and recommendations.

Keen-Eye Home Inspections is not affiliated with any contractors. My inspection is solely to provide you with an honest report on the condition of your home.

I also offer unbiased, partial inspections on other components of the home. Please contact me for a quote by completing the "Maintenance Inspection" form shown on the right side of this web page.